World's biggest plane saved from death row with $20bn order

The deal rescues one of Europe's most visible industrial symbols overseas.

Emirates announced a deal for up to 36 Airbus A380 aircraft on Thursday worth as much as $US16 billion ($20 billion) at list prices, saving the world's biggest passenger jet from death row and securing its future for at least another decade.

A380 boom delivers Sydney Airport record

Sydney International has become the world's fastest growing port for A380s.

With Malaysia Airlines becoming the ninth carrier to use the maximum 838-seat A380 to service Sydney in 2017, Sydney International Airport has become the world's fastest growing A380 port.

Love is not in the Air: Aussie legends sue US pop duo

John Paul Young co-wrote <I>Love is in the Air</I>.

The Australian music legends behind John Paul Young's famed hit Love is in the Air – Harry Vanda and the late George Young – are suing an American electro pop duo and France's national air carrier for allegedly ripping off the song.

Zuckerberg sister goes public over harassment on plane


Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, isn't the first to complain about sexual misconduct on planes -- a problem a prominent flight attendants' union called a "silent epidemic" that airlines have failed to solve.

Demand for Perth to London flight higher than expected

Qantas will debut its longest flight, from Perth to London, in March and said demand has been higher than expected.

Qantas says the number of people willing to spend 17 hours cooped up in economy had surpassed the airline's expectations with forward bookings on the Perth to London route "really strong" and higher than expected, according to the company's chief executive.

Swiss ping Virgin Australia shareholder on disclosure

The HNA Group Co. building in Beijing.

A Swiss regulator has ruled that HNA Group Co, the acquisitive Chinese conglomerate facing widening global scrutiny of its overseas purchases, provided some false information and failed to disclose that company executives held the biggest stake in its takeover of Zurich-based Gategroup Holding AG.

Executive Style

A Financial Times investigation found that women were groped at a men-only charity gala at London's Dorchester Hotel.

A fundraiser for London's elite has exposed a nasty underbelly of sexism.

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