Gas leaks are inevitable - and likely huge - from the coal seam gas industry, a submission by The Australia Institute says.

Top End shale gas would blow carbon budget, TAI says

Developing the Northern Territory's onshore shale oil and gas resources could release the equivalent of 34 billion tonnes of carbon emissions, equal to 60 times Australia's current annual carbon pollution, according to The Australia Institute.

Oil giant sees demand plunge by 2040 - or maybe not

Is oil a sunset industry in the age of climate change? Depends which forecast you believe.

If climate change curbs live up to their promise, oil demand may fall 20 per cent by 2040, Exxon Mobil says in one forward-looking report. But a more likely scenario is it will grow by 20 per cent, the company says in separate outlook.

'Whales don't follow the Gregorian calendar'.

A humpback whale breaching off the NSW coast.

The Berejiklian government should intervene to stop proposed seismic testing off the Newcastle coastline that has been approved right up to start of the annual whaling migration, environment groups say.

'Worse than Liddell': Another coal-fired plant starts tripping

La Trobe Valley's Loy Yang coal-fired power station.

One of the nation's largest coal-fired power stations has had six failures of one of its units in the past three weeks, placing added strain on the power grid, and prompting a call for fossil-fuel plants to be set the same reliability standards being considered for renewable energy suppliers.

Oil highest since 2015 on drawdown, unrest

Apart from a spike in May 2015, oil is at its highest since December 2014 - the month after a decision by the ...

Oil has risen to its highest level since May 2015 on concern about supply risks due to unrest in Iran and another decline in US inventories as refining activity hit a 12-year high.

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