Trump declares America 'open for business' in Davos

Donald Trump was all smiles as he arrived at the World Economic Forum but his speech was met with boos.

US President Donald Trump has made his salesman's pitch for America before an international crowd of corporate and political titans, and taken credit for its economic success, yet he was shadowed by clouds from home.

'Cook is a great guy': Trump changes tune on Apple CEO


President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he called Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook to thank him for announcing hundreds of billions of dollars in US investments following passage of Republican tax legislation last year.

Apple expecting a $47b tax bill on repatriated cash

Apple chief executive Tim Cook.

Apple said it will bring hundreds of billions of overseas dollars back to the US, pay about $US38 billion ($47.4 billion) in taxes on the money and invest tens of billions on domestic jobs, manufacturing and data centres in the coming years.

World's top fund manager to CEOs: Do good for society

Blackrock chief Larry Fink has put company chiefs on notice.

More than 1,000 CEOs around the globe received a letter on Tuesday from one of the world's most influential money managers with a pointed message: Simply posting good financial returns is no longer enough. You must have a positive impact on society, too.

Why the crypto craze may roll on for some time

Kodak's share price surged this week after it announced plans to enter the cryptocurrency world.

Don't be too derisive of Eastman Kodak Co.'s yearning to reclaim its lost glory by jumping on the crypto bandwagon. If the dotcom bubble holds any lessons, the blockchain gravy train might have plenty to go around yet.

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