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For all his attributes, Senator Sam Dastyari has displayed a serious lack of judgment.

Senator Dastyari has to go

Senator Sam Dastyari cannot be trusted to observe his own party's policy, let alone to respect Australia's national interest.

Questions surround stadium spending spree

SMH editorial dinkus

Setting aside the question of whether Gladys Berejiklian's $2.5 billion stadium spending spree is the right allocation of funds for Sydney and NSW, the process that led to the announcement of that funding is demonstrably deficient and should be an embarrassment for the Premier and her government.

White paper catches the chill in the air

SMH editorial dinkus

The foreign policy white paper released yesterday is a timely document given the way things stand with our major alliance partner and our major trading partner.

Bringing Parramatta Road back to life

SMH editorial dinkus

Sydney's long-suffering commuters are a patient bunch. They have learnt to be, the hard way. Stuck on the city's clogged roads or standing on overcrowded buses, grinding their teeth or scrolling their phones, they calmly await promised improvements to their lot.

Canberra keeps up the petty pace

SMH editorial dinkus

It looks as if the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, may be having some success at the APEC summit in salvaging what remains of the Trans Pacific Partnership after President Donald Trump decided to pull the United States out.

Strong schools build a strong society

SMH editorial dinkus

The breakdown of national 2016 census figures on school attendance we published yesterday comparing the suburbs and localities where students of government, private and independent schools live is interesting in itself, but it sets a puzzle for education planners.

King of Hollywood and the casting couch

Harvey Weinstein at a short film event in Los Angeles.

The grubby glamour of the Hollywood casting couch has always featured men in positions of power taking advantage of young women. Now women and men in the entertainment industry are finally feeling free to tell their stories

Testing times: children tutored before they even start school

Sun Herald Editorial dinkus.

That parents are choosing to send their children for tutoring before they even turn up for their first day at kindergarten school, as our story today reveals, is a worrying trend. One tutoring college says preschool enrolments have increased 45 per cent in five years.

The unravelling – series two, episode whatever

SMH editorial dinkus

Tanya Plibersek's description of the Turnbull government as a soap opera isn't far from the truth. Series one having concluded with the downfall of Tony Abbott, we are now well into series two, and things aren't going well for our current hero.

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