Good Weekend

A house in Blacktown containing asbestos.

The great Australian nightmare

The third wave of asbestos-related disease and death, led by unwitting home renovators, is on its way - and might have decades to run.



Charles Spence's research suggests that food tastes saltier on a blue plate, and sweeter on a round plate.

Charles Spence

"Gastrophysicist" and Oxford professor Charles Spence on the science of dining - and how to eat less.

Mel Holman (left) and Rachael Johns.

Melissa Holman and Rachael Johns

When Melissa Holman contacted author Rachael Johns for advice about getting published, she found herself giving the writer invaluable insights.

Benjamin Law.

Back to nature

Connecting to nature is often seen as indulgent or airy-fairy. But it's far more primal and urgent than that.

Illustration by Simon Letch.

Peeping tom

My neighbour's cat hasn't been neutered. Every day, he longingly stares at our cat through the window, making her uncomfortable.

Illustration by Simon Letch.

Brexit blues

For many Australians based in the UK, the uncertainty of Brexit is proving a tougher challenge than the weather ever has.


Raw tuna and eggplant salad.

High-octane salad

Intense flavours bring out the best in this sensational salad, perfect for lazy days and warmer weather.

Illustration by Simon Letch.

From Rome to home

Traumatised by past pasta memories, I don't do spaghetti carbonara. Then one day in Rome...

Chin Chin, Sydney.

Chin Chin and Ryne

We visit Sydney's highly hyped new eatery, Chin Chin, and Ryne: Donovan Cooke's new diner in Fitzroy North.

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