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ARIAs 2017: Best and most creatively dressed on the red carpet

While the music world waited with bated breath for the outcome of Australia's top music awards, fashion lovers wondered whether we'd get anything to top last year's "uterus dress" (thanks,?Tove Lo) or Montaigne's excellent "people over profit" chest make-up.

Sadly, this year's ARIAs fell short of the mark for shock value but there were plenty of interesting looks. These were some of the best.

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ARIAs style on the red carpet

It's Australia's biggest night in music and the stars come out on the red carpet.

Erin Holland

One word: SLAY. The beauty queen, model and TV host perfected the rock goddess look in Balmain, styled to perfection by Donny Galella. Take a bow, DG, you have won the day.

Erin Holland

Erin Holland Photo: AAP

Sophie Monk

A close second place for this Mariam Seddiq jacket dress, which was still being stitched to The Bachelorette star on Tuesday afternoon. But what's that written on her hand? Shopping list? Jarrod's?last known whereabouts?

Sophie Monk

Sophie Monk Photo: AAP


Samantha Jade

Sure, she looks like she borrowed one of Jessie Murphy's Brownlow cast-offs but it's shimmery, figure hugging and delicious. But the length is a bit neither here nor there. Love that she left the hair unkempt and the make-up just edgy enough to rise above Disney Princess comparisons.?

Samantha Jade

Samantha Jade Photo: AAP

?Amy Shark

We Adore this girl, not only for her amazing songs and lyrics but the fact she has come to her second ARIAs looking like a boss, meaning looking like she doesn't give a damn but looking a million bucks at the same time. Casual rock elegance. Love.

Amy Shark

Amy Shark Photo: Louise Kennerley

Emma 'Wiggle'?Watkins

Sorry Em, but as lovely as we find your Dolce & Gabbana frock, we can't help feel its value will be lost on most of the folks here. Meanwhile, blame it on our spring racing hangover but we're hanging out for D&G's?sequel to the hydrangea.


#ARIAs . . . . @dolcegabbana @swarovski @makeup_alexandra @headhuntersworld

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Katie Wighton

OK, I had to Google Katie and her band, All Our Exes Live In Texas, but dang, this demi-ballgown dress with sheer skirt by Perth designer Jonte, matched with black Blunnies is my idea of red carpet heaven. Froth.


And the most creative ...?


Alli Simpson

And the prize for best impersonation of a strawberry milkshake goes too ... wait, there isn't such a prize? Well singer Alli Simpson – sister of the more famous?Cody and girlfriend of fellow musician Conrad Sewell – must be at the wrong event.?

Alli Simpson arrives at the ARIAs looking like a strawberry milkshake.

Alli Simpson arrives at the ARIAs looking like a strawberry milkshake. Photo: AAP

Sylvia Jeffreys

Maybe this was the dress Sylvia had originally planned to wear to Derby Day??The pretty frock is lovely and lacy and we love the polka dot detail but it's just not right for the ARIAs.?

Sylvia Jeffreys

Sylvia Jeffreys Photo: AAP Image/Dan Himbrechts

Phebe Starr

Wins the sustainability award with a dress made entirely from tweezer packets and foam circles. Next year we want to see the beauty blender jumpsuit.

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