Maha Al-Shennag faces court over fatal Sydney school crash

A woman has faced court for the first time since being charged over a crash at a Sydney school which killed two young children and injured many others.

Maha Al-Shennag was surrounded by a small group of supporters and shielded herself with an umbrella as she left her brief appearance at Bankstown Local Court on Wednesday.

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Father of Jihad Darwiche forgives driver

In a video filmed in the hearse on the way to bury eight-year-old Jihad, his father sends a message of forgiveness to Maha Al-Shennag,who drove her car into a Greenacre primary school.

The 52-year-old has another mention scheduled at Burwood on February 21 over the smash at Banksia Road Public School in Greenacre.

It's alleged Jihad Darwiche, 8, and a nine-year-old classmate were killed when a Toyota Kluger driven by Ms Al-Shennag ploughed into their classroom on November 7.

Ms Al-Shennag, who did not enter a plea on Wednesday, is charged with two counts of dangerous driving occasioning death and one count of negligent driving occasioning death.

She is also charged with causing bodily harm by misconduct and dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm in relation to two other injured people.

The single mother is on bail under several conditions including that she not drive a vehicle, that she surrender her Jordanian and Australian passports and that she report to a police station three days a week, court documents state.


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