How FFA crisis could affect Socceroos, Matildas

Things going awry at head office could impact the Socceroos.

The Socceroos and Matildas will be watching nervously for FIFA's next move amid the unlikely but alarming possibility Australian football's spiteful power struggle could affect their World Cup hopes.

Holiday is over for Sydney FC: Arnold

I want more: Sydney FC coach Graham Arnold has called on his players to be far more ruthless.

They're flying high at the top of the A-League table, they have already won a trophy and have scored more goals than all but one team and won six from eight games but still Sydney FC coach Graham Arnold is not happy.

US teams tailored tactics around Kerr

Major threat: Rival teams base their tactics around the presence of Sam Kerr.

Former adversaries aren't the least bit surprised Matildas star Sam Kerr has been crowned the Asian Player of the Year, having had to base their tactics solely around the threat of the nimble striker for years.

Heat is on FFA as A-League clubs allege board conflicts

Under pressure: Steven Lowy.

The A-League clubs have lobbed a grenade on the morning of a crucial meeting that will shape the future of Australian soccer, detailing a list of 13 potential conflicts of interest involving Football Federation Australia board members.

Gay soccer fans warned of Russian bigotry ahead of World Cup

Fans of color and fans who are gay are being warned about the dangers that could face them if they travel to the 2018 ...

An anti-discrimination organisation that has partnered with FIFA to control fan behaviour at the World Cup has issued warnings to gay and transgender fans and people of certain races for next summer's tournament, highlighting ongoing concerns about threats they may face in Russia.

Manchester United hold off fast-finishing Watford

Manchester United's Jesse Lingard celebrates  with double-goal scorer Ashley Young.

Ashley Young turned on the style against his former club as Manchester United survived a late scare to move to within five points of Premier League leaders Manchester City with a 4-2 win at Watford.

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