Three new iPhones in 2018, analyst says

KGI imagines what next year's iPhones may look like, compared to those released in 2017.

With Apple having released its iPhone X earlier this month after a year of speculation and hype, it's time to get the cycle started all over again with fresh rumours about the company's 2018 phones.

Google announces Pixel 2 smartphones and more

The new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones.

Google has unveiled a stack of new gadgets at a special event in California, issuing a direct challenge to Apple, Amazon and Microsoft as it continues its push into original hardware that leverages the company's AI and cloud services.

iOS 11: The big changes coming to iPhone and iPad

iOS 11 features a new-look Control Centre and a Mac-like dock for iPad.

While the last major update to iOS redesigned and overhauled the iPhone experience, iOS 11 — which is rolling out starting today — is mostly about iPad-specific features that turn the tablet from an oversized phone to more of a laptop replacement.

iPhone 8 is a worthy upgrade

The iPhone 8 Plus and smaller iPhone 8 are worthy upgrades.

The announcement of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus was overshadowed at last week's event in Cupertino, as the world's media was far more interested in the radically redesigned iPhone X. But in any other year, these two new phones would be a worthy upgrade for the iPhone faithful.

Telstra details eSIM support ahead of Apple Watch 3

Apple Watch 3

Hot on the back of Apple's announcement of the new Watch Series 3, the first Aussie telco to support its integrated eSIM has come out swinging. Telstra's new One Number service will let you hook up your phone and wearable to the same phone number and mobile data plan.

Hands on with Apple's iPhone X

The silver iPhone X is the better-looking of the two available colours.

Android users will no doubt mock the iPhone X, pointing to the bezel-less design of the Samsung Galaxy S8 to say Apple is playing catching up. But the iPhone X feels very different in the hand to those Android flagships.

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